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I invite you to use these free sales training resources to master the most important skills you can possess - the skills of influencing, persuading, and selling. - Peter Droubay,
America's Most Effective Sales Trainer

Receive a sales training module each day in your email for six consecutive days. Each sales training module comes with valuable sales tips and sales information, as well as sales-enhancing exercises and assignments.

Modules are taken from
Mega Sales: The Professional Sales Training Series,
a best-selling sales and marketing training course on video. Titles include:

  • Introduction: Tips for Increasing Sales Revenues
  • Day 1: An Understanding of Sales Psychology
  • Day 2: Six Personal Standards to Raise
  • Day 3: Multiple Methods for Generating High Quality Sales Leads
  • Day 4: How to Create Interest for Your Products and/or Services
  • Day 5: Ways to Focus Your Sales Presentations on Benefits
  • Day 6: How to Handle Objections
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